Media: The 2nd God Media: The Second God
by Tony Schwartz

Soft cover, 169 pp.
ISBN: 0385181329

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Tony Schwartz, the man Marshall McLuhan called "the guru of the electronic age" tells how the media have shaped our world--and how we can shape the media. Illustrated by Nurit Karlin.

"Who else could write more brilliantly about media as a second god than one of the few humans who has leanrned how to use and control it... Tony Schwartz. This is a superb book."
-- Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan

"Media: The Second God takes up where The Responsive Chord left off, and is indispensable reading for anyone who works with media. Tony Schwartz shatters some myths and establishes some new standards by which all media will be judged."
-- Joseph Napolitan, International Political Consultant

"Students and scholars of communication should be grateful that Tony Schwartz has written another original, compelling book about how media work. Tony schwartz is a creative genius and a masterful teacher."
-- Professor Kathleen Jamison, Dean of the Annenberg School of Communications, University of Pennsylvania

Table of Contents
The Second God
The Post-Literate Society
The Age of Reception
Replay: The Recall of Experience
The Essence of the New
Rearranging Space and Time
How Commercials Work
The John Jay Campaign: A Case Study
And Now--the News!
Social Uses of Media
Work and Time
The Microphone and the Church
Political Communication
The New Grammar
The Electronic Classroom
The Incredible Expanding Telephone
Communication in the Year 2000

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