The Responsive Chord
by Tony Schwartz

Soft cover, 173 pp.
ISBN: 0385088957

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Written by the man the New York Times called the "king of sound," The Responsive Chord is drawn from an unrivaled wealth of experience in the communications industry. Schwartz has learned that most advertisers, politicians, and educators--in fact, most all of us--use a "model" of communication long outmoded by the coming of electronic media.

"The Responsive Chord is a survival kit for those individuals trying to maintain their sanity in a world where their senses and intelligence are bombarded daily by audio and visual stimuli."
-- Sander Vanocer

"The Responsive Chord certainly gets a big response from me.... I enjoyed it enormously. This is a totally untouched field and Tony Schwartz has a monopoly in this area."
-- Marshall McLuhan

"This book isn't just another communications theory. It is a read map through a maze of 20th Century changes brought about by radio and TV, written by a Copernicus in this field."
-- Michael Rowan, President, Rowan Group Inc.

"The best book on communications theory and practice since McLuhan's Understanding Media."
-- Joseph Napolitan, author of The Election Game

"Schwartz is original and intriguing; the book does strike a responsive chord."
-- New York Magazine

"I doubt that I have seen any single document which pieces together in such a convincing way the processes by which advertising works on us (and in us)." --Senator Frank E. Moss, U.S. Commerce Committee

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 -- The Resonance Principle in Communication
Chapter 2 -- How to Strike a Responsive Chord
Chapter 3 -- The New Communication Environment
Chapter 4 -- Hard Sell, Soft Sell, Deep Sell
Chapter 5 -- The Inside of the Outside
Chapter 6 -- Education in the Global Village
Chapter 7 -- Sounds in the City
Chapter 8 -- Some Applications

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